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Neapolitan Coffee Excellence: Aroma and Siag Caffé Join Forces with Bubu

In the vast and always fascinating world of coffee, often the best creations emerge from collaborations and synergies. This is what is happening right now with a new partnership: Aromarenowned for its solid, state-of-the-art coffee machines, handcrafted from premium materials all made in Italy, and Siag Coffee, the well-known Neapolitan company that has been producing high-quality coffee pods since 2017, have joined forces. The result of this new and important collaboration is the customised coffee pod machine Bubuentirely designed by Aroma.

A Collaboration that Looks Overseas

Collaboration between Aroma and Siag Caffé is more than just a commercial partnershipbut also a symbol of unity and commitment to excellence. Aroma was chosen by Siag not only for its reputation for reliability and quality, but also for its ability to adapt to and support the growing demand in the international coffee market. The objective is clear: to bring the authentic flavour of Neapolitan coffee to a global audience through a coffee machine that combines the best technology with the best blends. The collaboration with Siag is moving towards the internationalisation of the wafer, with a focus on the American market, as well as consolidating its presence in the domestic market.

The decision to opt for Aroma as a technical and strategic partner was the result of the search for a reliable, durable and customisable coffee machine capable of supporting business growth. After months of intense work, the union between the Aroma machine and Siag's fine blends was finally crowned with success. This collaboration represents not only the union of two excellences, but also an open door to new opportunities and horizons, with the aim of offering the unique character of Siag coffee to the international public, giving each cup an authentic taste of true Neapolitan tradition. 

Bubu: Excellence in a Cup

Bubu is an espresso coffee pod machine that combines the technology and reliability that characterise Aroma machines with Siag Caffé's mastery in the production of premium coffee.

What makes Bubu so special is the exclusive customisation created especially for Siag Caffé. 
The machine is available in four colour variants: blue, pink, red and green, to suit all tastes. Moreover, due to its small and compact size, it is easily adaptable to all environments, even the smallest ones. 

Bubu's presentation to HOST Milan last October, a stone's throw from the Aroma stand, and immediately aroused great interest among the participants. The machine was very well received and public interest was immediate. Currently, Aroma's production lines are at full capacity, working to meet the growing demand for Bubu. Meanwhile, Siag Caffé is focusing its efforts on marketing and distributing the product, preparing to introduce Bubu into the homes and kitchens of coffee lovers throughout Italy, Europe and overseas.

The Story of Aroma: A Journey into the World of Coffee Machines and the Sector

The story of Aroma for us it is not just a page on the website where we talk about the origins of our company, for us it is much more as it is intertwined with precious moments of our family life and also of our growth. The first part of this story found its way onto the pages of Vending Newsthe renowned trade magazine


Our gratitude goes to the editors of the magazine Vending News for devoting ample space to recounting the origins of Aroma, starting with the first challenge undertaken by the founder: our father, a bold entrepreneur who decided to confront the giants of the market, proposing technological innovations that later formed the solid foundation on which the company was built. In an apparently saturated market, he chose to raise the bar by designing a new coffee pod machine that was qualitatively superior to the market standards of the time.

A legacy that makes us proud

We took up our father's legacy with pride and a touch of courage, choosing to follow in his footsteps. This decision was not only an act of family continuity, but also a commitment to take on new challenges. Faced with a predominantly male-dominated industry, my sister Martina and I chose the arduous task of trying to differentiate ourselves from others not only through a technologically advanced productionbut also through the introduction of new models to meet different needs and by incorporating many varieties of styles and colours.

There is still a long way to go for our Aroma coffee machines, and this statement is not just a declaration of intent, but a tangible commitment. Our determination not to stop is underpinned by the knowledge that success in the industry requires constant innovation, attention to market needs and a tireless dedication to quality. Without ever forgetting the focus on social issues that are fundamental to us, such as sustainability, energy saving, and the preservation of endangered species, as with the Plus Oceanwhich was created in collaboration with the Domizia Association.


The Aroma philosophy

The word "Aroma"embodies not only our products, but also our philosophy. Aroma is not only the name of our brand, but represents our intention to provide a sensory experience for every cup of coffee dispensed by our machines. The attention to the variety of models and colours demonstrates our desire to address a diverse audience, offering solutions that satisfy both lovers of tradition and those seeking a modern touch in their daily coffee.

In conclusion, the story of Aroma is a tale of entrepreneurial courage, of challenges accepted and overcome, and of an enduring commitment to deliver extraordinary coffee experiences. With the past as our guide and an eye on the future, we continue our journey into the world of coffee machines, with the desire to write many more pages to add to this story.


To read the full article, click here and to find out how it will turn out, we recommend you read the next issue of Vending News!


Cateria De Mauro


The Standard Group: Excellence and Innovation in the Production of Coffee Machines

One of the most significant passages in the history of Aroma was the obtaining of the patent for our Standard Group. This unit is the flagship of our entire production, the result of years of testing, research and constant refinement. Our insatiable curiosity and constant quest for excellence have led us to question ourselves on how to ensure better brewing at all times. The answer lies in the Standard Group, the ideal solution for coffee lovers looking for quality, superior performance and innovation in their coffee experience.

The Technology of Punto in Auge: The Heart of Aroma Machines 

The Standard Group is the beating heart of our top-of-the-range Aroma production line. Every detail of this group has been carefully designed and tested to ensure optimal performance and amazing results in coffee preparation.

Here are the distinguishing features of our standard group:

  • Aluminium and Brass Heating Block: The combination of aluminium and brass ensures even and rapid heating, guaranteeing that every cup of coffee extracted is enveloped in a wonderful, intense and persistent aroma.
  • Double Torpedo Brass: The presence of two solid brass torpedoes allows a precise and constant distribution of pressure, contributing to an excellent coffee with a balanced and full-bodied taste.
  • Brass Waffle Press: The brass pod press is designed to maximise the extraction of essential oils from ground coffee, helping to create an espresso rich in crema and aroma.
  • Thermostat Trip at 93°C: Precise temperature control is essential to extract all the flavour nuances of coffee. The 93°C thermostat ensures an optimal temperature for perfect coffee, without the risk of burning it.
  • Safety thermostat at 145°CSafety is a priority. The 145°C safety thermostat protects the machine from overheating, ensuring safe and reliable use.
  • Power 400 W: With a power output of 400 W, the Standard Aroma Group offers robust performance, ensuring fast and efficient extraction times.
  • Manual Closing Adjustment: The possibility of manually adjusting the closure allows users to customise the pressure according to personal preferences, giving them total control over coffee preparation.
  • Patented Energy Saving System: Our patented energy-saving system guarantees a reduced environmental impact without compromising on coffee quality. A step towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

The HORECAROMA Version: Excellence in Brass

For those who strive for excellence in quality and performance, we are pleased to present the all-brass version of our Standard Group, specially designed for our exclusive HORECAROMA. This variant is characterised by an extraordinarily creamy delivery and superior thermal stability, the result of a careful study of the shapes and materials used.

The Standard Group impeccably embodies our corporate philosophy and history, offering our customers the ultimate coffee experience, now also in the comfort of their own home. The presence of this Group in our Aroma machines ensures an unparalleled sensory journey, cup after cup, providing unforgettable moments and an enveloping aroma that delights the senses.

Carditello Decaffeinated Coffee by Aroma: A Choice of Taste and Well-Being

Are you a lover of coffeebut your desire to enjoy a creamy espresso clashes with the need to limit your consumption of caffeine? If you have explored the vast world of traditional blends without finding the right one to satisfy your discerning palate, it is time to discover the Carditello Decaffeinated Coffee by Aroma. This extraordinary option offers you the chance to enjoy the highest quality without sacrificing the rich, intense taste of traditional espresso. With a focus on quality and authentic taste, this blend offers a satisfying experience that stands out from other options on the market. Let's explore together the reasons to embrace this taste and wellness choice.

Decaffeinated Coffee and its Benefits

The decision to opt for the decaffeinated coffee is not only a matter of personal preference, but also of well-being and health. The Carditello Decaffeinated Coffee by Aroma is characterised by being a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, as well as being low in calories. This drink offers a delicious way to enjoy the pleasure of coffee without the side effects associated with excess caffeine, such as tachycardia, nervousness and insomnia. Moreover, Aroma's masterfully implemented decaffeination process preserves the quality of the coffee, giving you an uncompromising experience.

The Authentic Taste of Espresso: Less Caffeine, More Satisfaction

Aroma's Carditello Decaffeinated Coffee is the result of a carefully developed blend with less than 0.1% of caffeine. This minimal percentage allows the authentic and satisfying taste of traditional espresso to be maintained. The magic starts with the scrupulous selection of the finest beans, which undergo an accurate decaffeination process to preserve the aromatic and taste profile to the maximum. The combination of flavour and lightness makes this blend irresistible to even the most discerning palates.

A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Aroma's Carditello Decaffeinated Coffee is not just a drink, but a commitment. A commitment to quality and sustainability that we feel more and more every day. Every cup of this decaffeinated coffee is a statement of appreciation for good taste and environmental awareness. Aroma is committed to ensuring that every step, from the selection of the beans to the decaffeination process, meets the high standards of quality and sustainability that characterise Aroma's entire production process. decaffeinated coffee carditello aroma

A Choice That Embraces the World: Taste Without Compromise

Carditello Decaffeinated Coffee by Aroma is more than a drink; it is an experience that embraces the world. Each sip is an invitation to a sensory journey that goes beyond simply tasting coffee. Your choice to consume this decaffeinated coffee is a conscious choice for the well-being of your palate and the environment. Make a difference as you enjoy the authentic taste of espresso without compromise. In conclusion, immerse yourself in a world of coffee pleasure with Aroma's Carditello Decaffeinated Coffee. Every cup is a celebration of quality and sustainability. Choose wellness for yourself and the world around you. You can always find your favourite decaffeinated coffee on our online shop, click here to learn more! Enjoy the tasting!

A great year for Aroma only thanks to you!

Dear friends of Aroma,

At this magical time of year, we would like to dedicate a special moment to each of you to express our gratitude and wish you a Happy Christmas and a New Year full of satisfaction!

2023 has been an extraordinary journey for Aroma, and the credit for every success goes to you, our incredible customers. Together we have explored new horizons and spread the unique taste of our coffee pod machines.

Thanks to your support, our brand has crossed borders, winning over coffee lovers in every corner of the world. 

We are excited to share the following important developments with you: 

  • we recorded a increase in turnover by more than 40% abroad
  • we activated the exclusive distribution in Qatar, in Korea, in Switzerland and to Panama
  • we have doubled the orders on our shop
  • our team has grown further: we strengthened the marketing team and the sales network. 
  • we have realised, developed and presented our new line dedicated to the sector. 
  • we launched at Host Milan our Iconicaour new flagship Aroma machine
  • We have travelled the world participating in Horecava in Amsterdam, at Sigep in Rimini, at the fair Anuga in Cologne and to Host Milan
  • we expanded our presence by opening new markets in Australia and New Zealand.
  • a beautiful and new synergy with SIAG  for the new Bubu machine
  • We realised special projects as the limited edition Plus Blue Heart to pay homage to Napoli's third Scudetto, the collaboration with the Domizia association and the launch of the Plus Ocean, a special version of our coffee pod machine to support the preservation of the Caretta Caretta turtle, demonstrating our social and environmental commitment, and finally the Plus Italia project
  • the ISO 9001 certification, because quality is always our priority
  • we celebrated the first year in our new headquartersa significant chapter in our growth and success.

In this Christmas spirit, we wish you and your families a peaceful and bright Christmas, filled with love and special moments around the set table. May the coming year bring new successes, new experiences and many cups of coffee to accompany your every moment.

Thank you again for an extraordinary year together. With affection, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you soon,

The Aroma Team

Aroma, An Example of Excellence in Defending the Environment and the Caretta Caretta Turtle

In the corporate landscape, few companies can boast such a concrete and tangible commitment to the environmental protection as Aromaand this commitment has recently won a prestigious award. 

Domizia Caretta Fest 2023

During the first edition of the Domizia Caretta Fest 2023, among many prominent personalities in the environmental world, we were honoured to receive a special award for our ongoing commitment to the defence of the marine ecosystem, for the protection of the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta. 


The ceremony was held in the Auditorium of the Castel Volturno Aggregation Centre in the presence of the mayor, Luigi Petrella, Giovanni Sabatino, President of the RNR entity, Francesco Maisto, President of the Campi Flegrei Regional Park, and Felice Casucci, the Campania region's tourism councillor.
Also speaking were Vincenzo Ammaliato (President Domizia Association), Leda Tonziello and Nicola Campomorto (caretta caretta monitoring project referents), Marecello Giannotti (Fratino monitoring project referent), Salvatore Tronchillo (sib confcommercio national vice-president) and Ferdinando Boero (Dohrn foundation president). The event was moderated by Alessio Usai (director of the Domizia Association).


Together with Aroma, the following were awarded: Fulvio Maffucci (Anton Dohrn Zoological Station), Vittorio Fusco (RNR entity), Nello di Costanzo (Tgr Campania), Antonio Pisani (Ansa), Pasquale Raicaldo (Repubblica), Adriano Latte (Air Patria).


Our commitment to the environment

Our dedication to the environment is not limited to theories or business strategies on paper, but is translated into concrete, everyday actions. Every weekend, the Aroma team is actively engaged in cleaning the beaches of the Domitian coastlinein collaboration with the Domizia Association. This partnership not only demonstrates our social commitment, but also underlines the synergy between the private sector and non-profit organisations to address environmental challenges.


The turtle Caretta Caretta, an endangered species, has found a true ally in Aroma. Our company has adopted environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, minimising the environmental impact of our activities. From production processes to packaging, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint, thus contributing to the conservation of marine species and the marine ecosystem in general.


The award received is a recognition of all the efforts made so far and an encouragement to continue on the road to sustainability. Aroma wants to be a tangible example that shows how companies can succeed without compromising the environment.


This recognition is not only ours, but of every member of the Aroma team who has dedicated time and resources to ensure a healthier future for our planet. In a context where environmental awareness is key, Aroma is leading the way, demonstrating that businesses can play a crucial role in building a more sustainable world.


As we look to the future, we will continue to innovate and adopt more sustainable practices, working hard to preserve the environment and protect endangered species such as the turtle. With our continued commitment, we hope to inspire other companies to follow our example and do their part in protecting our precious planet.

Read here our commitment to sustainability and discover our corporate philosophy.

Our CEO at the Federico II University in Naples for the Cultural Heritage Management Course

In the heart of Naples, at theFederico II University, today a unique and enveloping meeting took place that transformed the classrooms of the Faculty of Economics into a journey through the scent of innovation and the taste of entrepreneurial success. The star of this extraordinary event? Our charismatic CEO, Caterina De Maurowho gave a lecture in the context of the Cultural Heritage Management course.

Aroma brought its history and success to share the stage with the rich cultural tradition of Naples. The lesson allowed the students to immerse themselves in the world of our company, not only through a cup of coffee, but also through the narration of a fascinating entrepreneurial story.

During the lecture, Caterina De Mauro guided the students through the crucial moments in the history of Aroma, from its beginnings to becoming a benchmark in the panorama of coffee pod machines, illustrating the main concepts of economics applied to the Aroma case. He shared anecdotes and challenges faced along the way, emphasising the importance of maintaining a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

But it was not just an overview of the company's history. Caterina De Mauro offered an in-depth look at Aroma's internal structure, showing how strategic decisions, resource management and customer focus have contributed to its success. The students had the opportunity to explore the details of the production process and understand how the company culture embraces creativity and sustainability.

Aroma has become an object of studya tangible example of how passion, dedication and an innovative vision can shape the destiny of an organisation. The students were also inspired to consider cultural heritage in terms of dynamic businesses that contribute to the cultural and economic fabric.

The meeting at the Federico II concluded with an interactive session where students could ask questions and share their thoughts. Turning her lecture into a delightful blend of culture, history and entrepreneurship, our CEO encouraged the students to cultivate their passion, arguing that every business has the potential to become a story to be told.

For your Christmas choose Aroma gift ideas

The first lights are finally lit, someone has already decorated the tree and the most romantic have already written their wishlist. 

If you, on the other hand, fall into the undecided category, we are here to recommend the gift ideas sign Aroma for beautiful, quality gifts to suit all budgets.
Take a look here!


Warm Xmas

For smaller budgets and especially for those who already own a coffee pod machine, here is the gift that saves you: our mug signed Aroma with the filter holder spare parts and two complimentary packs of your choice from our herbal teas. A warm cuddle for the people you love. 


Milky Xmas

For cappuccino lovers we recommend our Milk frother with the complimentary Aroma cup for frothy milk like at the bar but with the comfort of home. Nice, isn't it?


Xmas on the road

Think of your traveller friend, who doesn't like frills and doesn't need anything. What would be a suitable gift idea?
Fear not, we have the solution for that too: our coffee pod machine E.GOthe smallest in the house, easily transportable and ideal for campers, campers and adventure lovers. One of our complimentary herbal teas is also included in the set.  


Golden Xmas

Finally, for lifestyle and home decor lovers, the ideal gift is our Plus Gold, the coffee machine that stands out with the best brew there is!
The pack will also include two complimentary Aroma cups. 


An idea for every personality and every pocket, also follow us on social media to discover all the news from the Aroma world.

See you anon!


VENDING NEWS talks about us and our ICONICA

The leading online magazine, Vending Newsdedicated an article to our Iconica

Iconic is our new coffee pod machine which combines the best of technological innovation, years of research and minimal design, and all rigorously made in Italy.
The machine was designed by designer Bruno Cimminofor us synonymous with guarantee and uniqueness.

We are very proud of our company's journey over the years and we are even happier when the quality of our work is spontaneously recognised by respected names in our industry.

The news is not over yet, keep following Aroma on our blog and social channels: Facebook e Instagram

To read the whole article click here

Milk frother, why prefer it to the steam wand?

Let's face it, one of the little joys of the morning is waking up and savouring the sweet taste of a frothy, creamy cappuccino. As lovers of breakfast and good coffee, we have developed a practical and functional milk frother to froth any type of milk with just one click.

If you are still undecided and have doubts whether to choose it over a coffee machine with a steam wand, this is the article for you.

The Aroma milk frother

Whether cappuccino or just milk, you can indulge yourself by creating a different drink every day. In fact, thanks to its features, you can:

  • Choosing the temperatureYou can froth milk, either hot or cold, and combine it with the creamy coffee prepared with your Aroma machine. This will allow you to use the milk frother even in hot weather to create cold drinks or cappuccinos. An option that is not possible with combination machines, because they need the hot steam from the wand (streamer) to froth the milk.
  • Putting it everywhereOur milk frother is not only a design element available in two elegant colours. It is really practical thanks to its small size, which will allow you to leave it either displayed on your kitchen countertop or store it in a cabinet.
  • Wash it easily: the Aroma milk frother is one of the few on the market with a detachable, dishwasher-safe, tempered glass cup.
  • Create a very high foam: we have tried to offer you a product that is able to create a foam that is not only high, but also creamy.

What are the disadvantages of the steam lance compared to the milk frother?

Using the steam wand integrated in the coffee machine rather than the milk frother has the following disadvantages:

  • Costs: the steam wand is usually expensive, and is only found on bulky coffee machines, while the milk frother is much less expensive.
  • Ease of use: With the steam wand, you need to have good dexterity to get a good foam, as it is a technique that you learn in specific courses for professional baristas. The milk frother, on the other hand, allows you to froth milk perfectly in just a few seconds at the touch of a button.
  • Performance: the steam wand, which is present on coffee machines on the market, is developed in a depowered form compared to that of coffee machines. This therefore does not guarantee a good yield at all.
  • Cleaning: the steam wand cannot be disassembled to clean it, and often, if not cleaned well, it is subject to milk clogging that cannot be removed except by a specialised technician, with procedures that are subject to a charge.
  • Assistance: Having two separate appliances means you never run out of coffee! Should you need assistance with the milk frother, you always have your beloved coffee machine intact. In the case of an integrated lance, on the other hand, the whole machine has to be taken in for service.

Now that we've cleared up any possible doubts between the two milk frothers, all that's left is for you to unleash your imagination with a whole host of new drinks. On our website you will find, for a limited time only, the milk stand at a special price. What are you waiting for?

Why buy a Nickel Tested pod machine?

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in cases of nickel allergies, which usually manifest themselves as itching and dermatitis. This is why it is increasingly important to be able to develop Nickel Tested products, protecting the safety and quality of allergy sufferers.

Which products are Nickel Tested?

Nickel is a metal that belongs to the iron group. It can be found in soil, water and even air. Because of its constant presence, those who suffer from severe allergies do not have an easy time. To be Nickel Tested, therefore, products must not contain any trace of nickel.

As there is currently no clear-cut regulation on what companies have to declare about Nickel residues in their products, there are still few companies that carry out these tests, despite the fact that customers increasingly feel the need for reassurance.

In the absence of a permitted reference value in Italy, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità has indicated a maximum value of 1 ppm (parts per million) as a potential value to minimise the risk of allergic reactions in very sensitive individuals. A truly infinitesimal value, i.e. 0.0001%.

The Aroma Treatment Nickel Tested

We are continually searching for materials and ideas that can guarantee maximum satisfaction for our customers, and satisfy their needs.

Aware of the increasing number of customers who are allergic to Nickel, we have created a line of Nickel Free pod machines. The certification guarantees that the product is free of any trace of Nickel and other alloys such as Lead and Cobalt, guaranteeing an antibacterial function at the highest level.

Treatment Aroma Nickel Tested consists of applying an alloy to brass obtained without the use of raw materials that are harmful to the environment and humans such as:

  • Lead
  • Nickel
  • Chrome (VI)
  • Cobalt
  • Cyanide

This alloy also replaces classic nickel or electroless nickel-chromium deposition on copper and alloy articles to meet the limits imposed by current international regulations applied to water intended for human consumption. Thus guaranteeing 'zero' release of:

  • Lead
  • Nickel
  • Chrome (VI)
  • Cobalt

What are the main features of our Nickel Tested pod machines?

The main features of our nickel-free alloy provide numerous advantages, the main ones being:

  • Hypoallergenic

A concrete solution for all those who show an allergy or sensitivity to this material. In fact, it is not only through skin contact that allergic reactions can occur, but also nickel particles can be released into the water, which could be toxic over time.

  • Finish: silver-bright

Its brilliant silver colour characterises this special alloy. A peculiarity that not only involves a purely aesthetic factor, but the material denotes excellent corrosion resistance and eliminates any diffusion from underlying deposits/materials.

  • Zero metal transfer

The Aroma Nickel Free treatment eliminates any possibility of finding Lead, Nickel, Cobalt and Chrome VI within the metal.


You just have to choose one of our coffee machines with Nickel Tested pods and delight yourself with a hot, creamy espresso every day.

Descale coffee machine. The 3 mistakes to avoid.

Descaling the coffee machine is afundamental habit, but often neglected until the machine starts to become noisy and no longer extract good coffee.

Limescale in the coffee machine - Why we need to clean the coffee machine at home

Descaling the coffee machine is important both to keep our machine healthy and to ensure that it is properly cleaned.

The first mistake is in fact that of waiting too long  before descaling the stain for the first time.

Descaling the coffee machine in fact ensures that we not only maintain our clean and limescale-free machine, but it greatly extends its life, allowing us to make good coffee every day, even for years, without having to resort to unnecessary (and possibly expensive) repair and maintenance work.

The formation of limescale is a normal consequence of using the appliance. The water we use naturally contains minerals, which on contact with the boiler, due to the heat transmitted, are deposited on the walls.

Limestone is the greatest enemy of the coffee machinebecause it is an insulating material. When it is deposited in the boiler, it thermally insulates the water from the heating element that is supposed to impart heat to it. This results in the water not reaching the optimal extraction temperature and the coffee extracted does not have the desired aroma and cream.  

In addition, limescale acts by forming a surface on which it is easier for pathogens to settle. One study done by NFS International, mentions the coffee machines to which constant cleaning is not carried out as the fifth place for presence of germs in the housewith half of the tanks and boilers tested containing yeasts or moulds. These organisms can cause allergic reactions or infections, so it is essential to clean your coffee machine properly and constantly.

It may seem like a chore, but don't worry because with the right products becomes a practice quick and easy. 

How to descale the coffee machine

So we have ascertained that the machine needs to be cleaned in order to enjoy good coffee every day without sudden breakdowns, but how to descale the coffee machine?

To remove limescale, it is necessary to use an acid agent that allows limescale to dissolve and be dispersed.

There are different methods, and often grandmother's remedies are recommended online that are not very effective, or even counterproductive because they will ruin your car. The time has come for clarity. 

The second mistake is the choice of wrong method and/or product to clean our machine from limescale.

Two types of procedures are recommended on how to descale the coffee machine: those based on natural products and those chemical-basedsome are true legends, and others should be used with great caution because they can damage the device, or introduce toxic agents, but there is also a third solution that no one is talking aboutread on to find out what it is.

What to use to descale the coffee machine?

Descaling the coffee machine with lemon juice

Lemon juice is a real myth, and besides not contributing in any way to descaling your machine, for which much stronger acidic agents are needed, it also introduces organic elements into the tank, pipes, and boiler of your machine, which with humidity and high temperatures can contribute to the formation of bacteria and mould. Absolutely avoid it.

Descaling coffee machine: bicarbonate

Baking soda is often used to clean the house, for its anti-odour and anti-mould properties, but it is a alkaline agent. Limestone is composed of calcium carbonate and dissolves in an acidic environment. For this reason it is not possible to descale the coffee machine with bicarbonate. 

Descaling the coffee machine with vinegar

Vinegar is the acidic agent we all have at home and the classic grandma's remedy for cleaning cookers and surfaces.
Vinegar is often recommended as a do-it-yourself machine descaler because its properties can dissolve limescale.

But descaling the coffee machine with vinegar is this really a good idea? Not really.

Although vinegar dissolves limescale, it also ruins the rubber parts of our machine, especially the gaskets, so it makes little sense to use it periodically for the maintenance and cleaning of our machine, as it will ruin key components, shortening its life and causing leaks and breakdowns.

Descaling coffee machine with chemicals

Most machine dealers recommend descaling through the use of specific chemicals.

These work very well, but have a big problemwhich is the reason why so many people go in search of natural products: they put in the toxic and potentially harmful substanceswith which we have to be very careful, especially considering that we will then use the appliance to prepare our beloved drink that we enjoy every day.

Descale coffee machine with specific natural products

The solution nobody talks about is the natural products, specifically designed for descaling and cleaning the coffee machine, but what is it? And why doesn't anyone talk about it?

It is probably the best coffee machine descaler on the marketas it is based on natural acids - melic acid and citric acid to be precise - and in addition to being the only descaler certified for food contact, is also biodegradable and respects the environment.

When to Descale the Coffee Machine

The third mistake which unfortunately shortens the life of many coffee machines, is to not to be constant in frequency of descaling the machine.

The frequency of descaling is one of the most important elements for the longevity of the machine and the quality of the coffee dispensed. It should be related to the workload of the coffee machine, and the hardness of the water.

In any case, we always recommend using packaged wateror low-lime content, and regardless of their use, we recommend descaling at least every 3-4 months.

So what to do in practice? 

In any case, we always recommend using packaged wateror low-lime content, and regardless of their use, we recommend descaling at least every 3-4 months.

So what to do in practice? 

  1. Firstly, as I just told you, uses packaged wateror low lime content. If you want to know whether in your area your hard or soft water you can see it here. This will greatly extend the life of your machine and allow you to enjoy better coffee.
  2. Don't wait too long to descale your machine, even if you have just bought it. Four months is more than enough time to start limescale build-up.
  3. Descale regularly to avoid problems: every 3-4 months regardless of use.
  4. Choose the right products. At Aroma we specifically chose the CLEANER Aroma because we are not only manufacturers of coffee machines we guarantee its assistance.
    After testing all products on the market, we are convinced that Cleaner Aroma is the best solution, both in terms of product quality and effectiveness cleaning and consumer safety. In addition, it is really quick and easy to use and is biodegradable: so it allows us to make the good for the environment.
  5. Have you already purchased an Aroma machine? Follow the instructions in the user manual and our illustrative videos and take care of your machine using only our Cleaner, so you can qualify for free Aroma service.
Learn more about our natural descaler here.

What is the difference between Aroma PLUS and Aroma X?

So many of you have asked us. In this article we will try to reveal to you all differences between Aroma PLUS and Aroma X.

Delivery Group

The Aroma PLUS and Aroma X have two different groups. The first has the standard (in aluminium and brass) while the second the group smart (totally in aluminium). You can find the technical specifications of the two groups at this link:


The Aroma PLUS has adjustable lever pressureThe brass wafer press: by turning it to the right the lever will tend to soften, while to the left it will become stiffer.

This will allow you to find the perfect pressure for your favourite wafer.

You can see how to adjust the lever in this video:

The Aroma X, on the other hand, has a fixed aluminium waffle press. 

So how do you adjust the lever pressure in the Aroma X? By means of the PET shim you will find on the side of the machine when you buy it. On how to use the shim. 

In this video you can see how to adjust the lever on X models:

Filter Holder

Both models have the removable filter holder for cleaning and routine maintenance. By turning the spout to the right and lifting it up, you can remove the filter holder with attached filter and spout, and proceed to sanitising the parts. For proper routine maintenance, see our user manual at this link:
Or watch the demonstration video:


Both models have the water tank in glass

Why glass?

  • Easily verifiable water level contained.
  • Always reusable, even for different uses.
  • Environmentally sustainable, always recyclable.
  • Sanitised countless times.
  • Does not release substances in contact with food


What changes between the two models is the aesthetics:

More colour in the X, more mirrored steel in the PLUS. Choose the version that best matches your decor.


The dimensions of the two models are identical, except for the height: the PLUS is 1 cm smaller.

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