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The Story of Aroma: A Journey into the World of Coffee Machines and the Sector

The story of Aroma for us it is not just a page on the website where we talk about the origins of our company, for us it is much more as it is intertwined with precious moments of our family life and also of our growth. The first part of this story found its way onto the pages of Vending Newsthe renowned trade magazine


Our gratitude goes to the editors of the magazine Vending News for devoting ample space to recounting the origins of Aroma, starting with the first challenge undertaken by the founder: our father, a bold entrepreneur who decided to confront the giants of the market, proposing technological innovations that later formed the solid foundation on which the company was built. In an apparently saturated market, he chose to raise the bar by designing a new coffee pod machine that was qualitatively superior to the market standards of the time.

A legacy that makes us proud

We took up our father's legacy with pride and a touch of courage, choosing to follow in his footsteps. This decision was not only an act of family continuity, but also a commitment to take on new challenges. Faced with a predominantly male-dominated industry, my sister Martina and I chose the arduous task of trying to differentiate ourselves from others not only through a technologically advanced productionbut also through the introduction of new models to meet different needs and by incorporating many varieties of styles and colours.

There is still a long way to go for our Aroma coffee machines, and this statement is not just a declaration of intent, but a tangible commitment. Our determination not to stop is underpinned by the knowledge that success in the industry requires constant innovation, attention to market needs and a tireless dedication to quality. Without ever forgetting the focus on social issues that are fundamental to us, such as sustainability, energy saving, and the preservation of endangered species, as with the Plus Oceanwhich was created in collaboration with the Domizia Association.


The Aroma philosophy

The word "Aroma"embodies not only our products, but also our philosophy. Aroma is not only the name of our brand, but represents our intention to provide a sensory experience for every cup of coffee dispensed by our machines. The attention to the variety of models and colours demonstrates our desire to address a diverse audience, offering solutions that satisfy both lovers of tradition and those seeking a modern touch in their daily coffee.

In conclusion, the story of Aroma is a tale of entrepreneurial courage, of challenges accepted and overcome, and of an enduring commitment to deliver extraordinary coffee experiences. With the past as our guide and an eye on the future, we continue our journey into the world of coffee machines, with the desire to write many more pages to add to this story.


To read the full article, click here and to find out how it will turn out, we recommend you read the next issue of Vending News!


Cateria De Mauro