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Why give up the good things life has to offer? No matter if you are boating, camping or simply travelling, our E.GO, with its modern and compact design, will offer you authentic Neapolitan espresso wherever you are. With a single gesture, you can prepare an aromatic and rich coffee that recharges you with energy, allowing you to enjoy every moment of the day to the full.

Who is it meant for?

With its small size and ease of use, this pod coffee machine becomes the perfect companion for adventure lovers who want a boost of energy without sacrificing real taste, making every trip an unforgettable experience


When we created E.GO, our priority was to allow it to be stored in the smallest spaces. An appliance designed not only for domestic use but also to take with you on vacation. Camper, boat or truck, there are no limits for E.GO which, at only 12 cm wide, is the smallest coffee pod machine on the market.

Low consumption

Coffee time should be a moment of pure relaxation, wherever you are. The patented energy-saving system allows a very low power consumption of only 380 volts, almost half the consumption of other machines on the market. Furthermore, with the use of a photovoltaic inverter E.GO can also be used in campers and boats.


The E.GO is meticulously manufactured in Italy, guaranteeing reliability and robustness that are the cornerstones of the Aroma brand. A quality standard that is now recognised worldwide thanks to international certifications and the use of durable yet environmentally friendly materials such as aluminium and steel.


Holiday homes or motor homes and boats often do not have access to natural gas, so gas cylinder stoves are often used for coffee, which are risky if poorly maintained. With our products we guarantee maximum safety for your home, both in terms of electricity and water heat.

Designer Bruno Cimmino

An icon in the field of Architecture and Design, he has become recognized for his unmistakable essential and refined style. Winner of numerous awards including Design Meka.


Small, lively and colourful, we are talking about E.GO, the most versatile coffee pod machine there is. Thanks to its small size it is suitable for all environments and is also easily transportable when travelling or on vacation.