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There is no excellent coffee without an excellent machine. The Aroma line of machines was born from a tenacious determination to create innovative products that express Italian excellence in technical and aesthetic terms. Our experience in the technical field has allowed us to detect the defects of the usual espresso machines and to find innovative solutions for these, which have allowed us over time to distinguish ourselves for the best quality-price ratio. True Made in Italy and the continuous search for new technologies are the cornerstones of Aroma.

Who are they meant for?

All our customers have one passion in common: good Neapolitan espresso. The different models re-propose this concept in different declinations to bring us closer to the stylistic, economic and habitual needs of those who buy them.

The strengths of Aroma


We take care not only of production but also of after-sales. Our customers are constantly followed by our technical support and customer care service, with a warranty extendable up to 36 months.

Small dimensions

Our machines are the smallest on the market. Thanks to their small size they adapt to any location and use. Because little space is enough for great coffee.

Sustainable materials

With a view to sustainability, our lines reduce the use of plastic as much as possible, from the packaging to the bodies, which are mainly made of stainless steel.


Not just for big coffee brands. Our machines can be customised according to your needs. From technical to aesthetic elements, all you have to do is design it the way you like it.