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You never tasted
such a creamy coffee

Thanks to the high temperature of our thermostats and patented groups, we guarantee thick, hot coffee, just like at the bar. Find out more about why you should choose us.

Our machines, your style.

Personalise all our models with a touch of personal style. From design details to technical options. All you have to do is create your custom pod machine.


Whether for your home, office or coffee shop we have a wide range of pod machines perfect for all your needs

We chose to be a company unlike any other. We are not just manufacturers, but a real team that works side by side every day with ethics, responsibility and honesty, and it is the quality of our machines that speaks for us.

Iconica is a symbol of the highest technological expression at Aroma, where the best technical elements of our best performing models have been developed around new shapes.

The Neapolitan espresso in 12 cm. Express your personality with EGÒ. Extrovert and dynamic, with its size and bright colours, EGÒ lights up your Espresso Station.

HorecAroma is a line of professional espresso pod machines designed for all those who are looking for a reliable partner for their business.

Stars Reviews

Pod machines with the best reviews

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    I purchased theAroma Plus. Better choice could not have been made, a machine with small dimensions but very high quality components. A big plus is the glass water container, easy to clean and makes great coffee!

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    I was contacted within a few days of purchase by Customer Service to find out how I was getting on with the car, something I had never experienced before. Kudos for your attention and kindness.

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    Aroma Plus, a wonderful surprise! A small machine but with huge potential. Made in Italy can be seen throughout.

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    First of all I talk about the Pre-purchase service: very helpful by email for any clarification, and I requested several. Definitely 'human' customer service, which is a plus for me.

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    Pod machines perfect in everything! I wouldn't exchange it for any other machine and they make a coffee better then bars.Coffee pod machines perfect in everything. For those few times when it was needed, the customer service was impeccable.

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    Recently purchased version Aroma Plus Inferno with thermostat at 98 degrees, a solid, elegant machine. Makes excellent hot and creamy coffee.

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    Excellent coffee machines both functionally and aesthetically. The coffee really is like coffee from the bar!!! Super creamy and warm.

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    I chose the EGÒ Aroma.I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality machine at a reasonable price. High coffee temperature and unaltered taste.

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    Fantastic coffee machine Aroma Plus for pods! It heats up immediately, elegant and small. The coffee machine was delivered to me on time with excellent packaging and product care.

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    I have discovered your incredible machines which, apart from making exceptional coffee, differ from commercial ones for sophisticated aesthetics and robust materials and functional.


    Tailor-made pod machines for big brands,
    because Aroma is synonymous with quality

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    Customer Care

    The best assistance
    always at your service

    Aroma guarantees all its customers a support service on all its machines. A highly qualified staff will follow and advise you in the best way to solve doubts and problems for the correct use of all Aroma products.

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