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The Standard Group: Excellence and Innovation in the Production of Coffee Machines

One of the most significant passages in the history of Aroma was the obtaining of the patent for our Standard Group. This unit is the flagship of our entire production, the result of years of testing, research and constant refinement. Our insatiable curiosity and constant quest for excellence have led us to question ourselves on how to ensure better brewing at all times. The answer lies in the Standard Group, the ideal solution for coffee lovers looking for quality, superior performance and innovation in their coffee experience.

The Technology of Punto in Auge: The Heart of Aroma Machines 

The Standard Group is the beating heart of our top-of-the-range Aroma production line. Every detail of this group has been carefully designed and tested to ensure optimal performance and amazing results in coffee preparation.

Here are the distinguishing features of our standard group:

  • Aluminium and Brass Heating Block: The combination of aluminium and brass ensures even and rapid heating, guaranteeing that every cup of coffee extracted is enveloped in a wonderful, intense and persistent aroma.
  • Double Torpedo Brass: The presence of two solid brass torpedoes allows a precise and constant distribution of pressure, contributing to an excellent coffee with a balanced and full-bodied taste.
  • Brass Waffle Press: The brass pod press is designed to maximise the extraction of essential oils from ground coffee, helping to create an espresso rich in crema and aroma.
  • Thermostat Trip at 93°C: Precise temperature control is essential to extract all the flavour nuances of coffee. The 93°C thermostat ensures an optimal temperature for perfect coffee, without the risk of burning it.
  • Safety thermostat at 145°CSafety is a priority. The 145°C safety thermostat protects the machine from overheating, ensuring safe and reliable use.
  • Power 400 W: With a power output of 400 W, the Standard Aroma Group offers robust performance, ensuring fast and efficient extraction times.
  • Manual Closing Adjustment: The possibility of manually adjusting the closure allows users to customise the pressure according to personal preferences, giving them total control over coffee preparation.
  • Patented Energy Saving System: Our patented energy-saving system guarantees a reduced environmental impact without compromising on coffee quality. A step towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

The HORECAROMA Version: Excellence in Brass

For those who strive for excellence in quality and performance, we are pleased to present the all-brass version of our Standard Group, specially designed for our exclusive HORECAROMA. This variant is characterised by an extraordinarily creamy delivery and superior thermal stability, the result of a careful study of the shapes and materials used.

The Standard Group impeccably embodies our corporate philosophy and history, offering our customers the ultimate coffee experience, now also in the comfort of their own home. The presence of this Group in our Aroma machines ensures an unparalleled sensory journey, cup after cup, providing unforgettable moments and an enveloping aroma that delights the senses.