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Neapolitan Coffee Excellence: Aroma and Siag Caffé Join Forces with Bubu

In the vast and always fascinating world of coffee, often the best creations emerge from collaborations and synergies. This is what is happening right now with a new partnership: Aromarenowned for its solid, state-of-the-art coffee machines, handcrafted from premium materials all made in Italy, and Siag Coffee, the well-known Neapolitan company that has been producing high-quality coffee pods since 2017, have joined forces. The result of this new and important collaboration is the customised coffee pod machine Bubuentirely designed by Aroma.

A Collaboration that Looks Overseas

Collaboration between Aroma and Siag Caffé is more than just a commercial partnershipbut also a symbol of unity and commitment to excellence. Aroma was chosen by Siag not only for its reputation for reliability and quality, but also for its ability to adapt to and support the growing demand in the international coffee market. The objective is clear: to bring the authentic flavour of Neapolitan coffee to a global audience through a coffee machine that combines the best technology with the best blends. The collaboration with Siag is moving towards the internationalisation of the wafer, with a focus on the American market, as well as consolidating its presence in the domestic market.

The decision to opt for Aroma as a technical and strategic partner was the result of the search for a reliable, durable and customisable coffee machine capable of supporting business growth. After months of intense work, the union between the Aroma machine and Siag's fine blends was finally crowned with success. This collaboration represents not only the union of two excellences, but also an open door to new opportunities and horizons, with the aim of offering the unique character of Siag coffee to the international public, giving each cup an authentic taste of true Neapolitan tradition. 

Bubu: Excellence in a Cup

Bubu is an espresso coffee pod machine that combines the technology and reliability that characterise Aroma machines with Siag Caffé's mastery in the production of premium coffee.

What makes Bubu so special is the exclusive customisation created especially for Siag Caffé. 
The machine is available in four colour variants: blue, pink, red and green, to suit all tastes. Moreover, due to its small and compact size, it is easily adaptable to all environments, even the smallest ones. 

Bubu's presentation to HOST Milan last October, a stone's throw from the Aroma stand, and immediately aroused great interest among the participants. The machine was very well received and public interest was immediate. Currently, Aroma's production lines are at full capacity, working to meet the growing demand for Bubu. Meanwhile, Siag Caffé is focusing its efforts on marketing and distributing the product, preparing to introduce Bubu into the homes and kitchens of coffee lovers throughout Italy, Europe and overseas.