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Aroma for the Oceans: Preserving the Future with the Captain Paul Watson Foundation

We are excited to share with you our adventure dedicated to the sustainability and the significant commitment to the health of the oceans. We begin by thanking theDomizia Associationkey figure in our project Plus Oceanfor his extraordinary commitment at local level. Thanks to his initiatives, we have been able to contribute to the change we would like to see in the world, starting from our own area.

Plus Ocean represents an important step in our sustainability strategy. It goes beyond environmental awareness by actively involving the local community. We work with people to reduce waste, promote responsible resource management and raise awareness of the beauty and importance of preserving ecosystems. 

A new chapter with the Captain Paul Watson Foundation

Today we are excited to announce a new chapter in our commitment: our and your support for the Captain Paul Watson Foundation. This global body has a history of success in protecting and conserving the world's oceans.

Luca Capuano region manager campania


Luca, Aroma quality control manager and our region manager for the foundation in Campania, shared his statement about this significant new commitment: 'The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is at the forefront of ocean advocacy. We are honoured to join forces with them to create a positive and lasting impact.





La Captain Watson Foundation is renowned for its courageous efforts in the fight against illegal fishing, whaling and other activities harmful to the oceans. Their fleet of vessels is at the forefront of protecting the waters and combating illegal activities. Some of the images we share here show the courage and determination of those who are committed to preserving marine life and ocean ecosystems.

The Strength of the Captain Watson Foundation

'If the ocean dies, we die too'


The images show the volunteer team and crew members as they operate in the open sea, fighting for the conservation of the oceans. These visual testimonies encourage us to reflect on the importance of supporting organisations that work tirelessly to preserve our precious marine environment.

To learn more about the foundation, read here.


Martina De Mauro aroma project managerMartina De Mauro, co-owner and project manager Aroma, added her perspective on this ecological commitment: "Sustainability is the beating heart of our corporate philosophy. In addition to offering high quality products, we want to be active players in preserving the beauty of our planet. The decision to support the Captain Paul Watson Foundation is a crucial step in this direction, and we are determined to contribute in any way we can.





Sustainability in Action: Beyond the Declaration of Intent

To involve you in our mission to preserve the oceans, we present you with a new opportunity to make a difference. Now, during the checkout process, you have the opportunity to donate 1€ at check out to support initiatives for the oceans. We firmly believe that every gesture counts, and together we can build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


Towards a Sustainable Ocean Future

In closing, we would like to thank everyone who has joined us on this journey for marine sustainability. The fight for healthy oceans is a global challenge, but through meaningful partnerships like the one with Captain Paul Watson Foundation and initiatives like Plus Ocean, we can build a future where oceans continue to inspire and nourish life on Earth.


We invite you to follow our journey on social media, sharing awareness and joining us in our efforts to preserve the oceans for future generations.