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For months we have been asking ourselves what word could encapsulate the vision of our company, the technological advances we have achieved and the Italian character that has always set us apart. One adjective more than any other was able to express these concepts: Iconic. The emblematic word for what the machine represents, the Italian tradition of the art of coffee that meets the future of espresso in pods. The Italy of the 1950s, of the Dolce Vita and the first real divas was our inspiring muse, which we find in the soft, sinuous lines of the machine. 

The future of coffee

Iconica is a symbol of the highest technological expression at Aroma, where the best technical elements of our best performing models have been developed around new shapes.

Cup rests

Thanks to the elegant cup holder on the machine, you can use cups and mugs as needed.

Cup or mug

Espresso or American, when it comes to coffee everyone has their own preferences. With Iconica you can use any type of cup for a coffee moment tailored to you.

Extra large canister

An elegant canister compartment has been designed into the back of the machine. This allows the insertion of a 2-litre canister, which will enable you to use the machine for a longer period of time.


  • Anita

    Black and chrome
  • Sophia

    White and chrome
  • Virna

    Green and gold
  • Claudia

    White and gold
  • Monica

    Dark brown and copper

Designer Bruno Cimmino

An icon in the field of Architecture and Design, he has become recognised for his unmistakable essential and refined style. Winner of numerous awards including Design Meka.


Soon available in the Aroma store



Aroma IConica is available at the dealers shown on the map. Find the nearest one to you to try Aroma's newest addition.