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An adjective that more than any other represents the Italian design and craftsmanship that characterises this machine is Iconica. An emblematic word: the Neapolitan tradition of the art of coffee meets the future of espresso pods. The Italy of the Dolce Vita has been our muse. More than a machine, it is a true Diva, with its soft, sinuous lines and precious details.

Luxury 24kt

Every detail has been meticulously designed, like a precious jewel. Iconica is an elegant, one-of-a-kind luxury creation with 24-carat gold-plated details that give it a touch of sumptuousness and exclusivity.

Cup rests

Thanks to the elegant cup holder on the machine, you can use cups and mugs as needed.

Cup or mug

Espresso or American, when it comes to coffee everyone has their own preferences. With Iconica you can use any type of cup for a coffee moment tailored to you.

Extra large tank

An elegant tank compartment has been designed into the back of the machine. This allows the insertion of a 2-litre tank, which will enable you to use the machine for a longer period of time.



Black and chrome


White and chrome


Green and gold


White and gold


Dark brown and copper

Patented dispensing unit

The group consists of a heat exchanger with no less than two brass torpedoes inside the boiler, which create the water path. This design allows even and constant heating of the water. Furthermore, the group guarantees maximum creaminess of each blend and temperature stability, even with several coffees in a row.

Adjustable brass wafer press

This allows the pressure of the lever to be adjusted to find the optimum pressing according to the various types of pods on the market. In fact, the pod press can be turned manually without the use of tools. Turning to the right softens the lever, turning to the left hardens it. In addition, seal wear or physiological mechanical failure of components can be easily compensated for, without the need for a technician's intervention.

Removable and detachable filter holder

Only Aroma machines have a detachable filter holder. With simple steps you can completely dismantle the filter holder and clean it. A fixed filter holder does not allow you to remove the coffee deposits that form inside. Washing the filter holder once a week with simple water will ensure that you always get the best out of your coffee machine.

Designer Bruno Cimmino

An icon in the field of Architecture and Design, he has become recognized for his unmistakable essential and refined style. Winner of numerous awards including Design Meka.