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March 21 2023

Milk frother, why prefer it to the steam wand?

Let's face it, one of the little joys of the morning is waking up and savoring the sweet taste of a frothy and creamy cappuccino. As lovers of breakfast and good coffee, we have developed a practical and functional milk frother to froth any type of milk with just one click. If you are still undecided and have doubts whether to choose it over a coffee machine with a steam wand, this is the article. which suits you.

The Aroma milk frother

Whether it's a cappuccino or just milk, you can indulge yourself by creating a different drink every day. In fact, thanks to its features, you can:
  • Choose the temperature: you can froth the milk, both hot and cold, and combine it with the creamy coffee prepared with your Aroma machine. This will allow you to use the milk frother even in hot weather, to create cold drinks or cappuccinos. An option that is not possible with combined machines, because they need the hot steam from the streamer to froth the milk.
  • Put it everywhere: our milk frother is not just a design element available in two elegant colours. It's really practical thanks to its small size, which will allow you to leave it on display on your kitchen countertop or store it away in a piece of furniture.
  • Wash it with ease: the Aroma milk frother is one of the few on the market with a detachable and dishwasher-safe tempered glass cup.
  • Create a very high foam: we have tried to offer you a product that is able to create a foam that is not only high, but also creamy.

What are the disadvantages of the steam wand compared to the milk frother?

Using the steam wand integrated into the coffee machine rather than the milk frother has the following disadvantages:
  • costs: the steam wand is usually expensive, and is only present on bulky coffee machines, while the milk frother has a much lower price.
  • Easy to use: with the steam wand, to obtain excellent foam, you need to have good dexterity since it is a technique that can be learned with specific courses dedicated to professional baristas. The milk frother, on the other hand, allows you to froth milk perfectly in seconds, just by pressing a button.
  • Performances: the steam wand, present on the coffee machines on the market, is developed in a weakened form compared to that of bar machines. This therefore does not guarantee a good yield at all.
  • Cleaning: the steam wand cannot be disassembled to clean it and often, if not cleaned well, it is subject to milk blockages which can only be removed by a specialized technician, with paid procedures.
  • Support: Having two separate appliances, you never run out of coffee! Should you need assistance with the milk frother, you always have your beloved coffee machine intact. In the case of an integrated lance instead, the whole machine must be taken to assistance.
Now that we have clarified any possible doubts between the two tools for frothing milk, all you have to do is unleash all your imagination with a flood of new drinks. On our site you will find, only for a limited time, the milk frother at a special price. What are you waiting for?