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Aroma and Foundation create Caffè Carditello

Aroma's waffle machines become the official sponsor of the Foundation of the Royal Palace of Carditello, creating tasty waffles Carditello Coffee in their honour.

In the agricultural expanses of the province of Caserta, a few kilometres from the Royal Palace of Caserta, stands the Reggia di Carditello, the hunting estate of King Ferdinand of Bourbon.

Aroma, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of coffee machines, becomes a sponsor of the Foundation, which manages and supervises the renovation and events taking place at the Reggia di Carditello (to find out more about the site and events, click here).

The Carditello Coffee Project

The Caffè Carditello project was born in 2020, not just a café but a project of redemption and revenge. The Reggia, in fact, rescued from abandonment and degradation, has in recent years rediscovered its ancient architectural splendour, and renewed the activities within it: from the breeding of the Persano horse, a native of the Site, to the most varied social activities, from open-air concerts to hot-air balloon flights.

The proceeds from the sale of Carditello Coffee will help finance the renovations and countless activities at the Site.

The palace of Carditello - commissioned by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon and built around 1787 by Francesco Collecini, a collaborator of Luigi Vanvitelli - began as the Royal Farm with the breeding of Persano horses and the first royal manufacture of buffalo mozzarella.

Today, having withstood the wounds of crime and been recovered by the State, Carditello is an example of redemption and rebirth, open to families, children and refugees also thanks to a Sprar agreement.