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Our CEO at the Federico II University in Naples for the Cultural Heritage Management Course

In the heart of Naples, at theFederico II University, today a unique and enveloping meeting took place that transformed the classrooms of the Faculty of Economics into a journey through the scent of innovation and the taste of entrepreneurial success. The star of this extraordinary event? Our charismatic CEO, Caterina De Maurowho gave a lecture in the context of the Cultural Heritage Management course.

Aroma brought its history and success to share the stage with the rich cultural tradition of Naples. The lesson allowed the students to immerse themselves in the world of our company, not only through a cup of coffee, but also through the narration of a fascinating entrepreneurial story.

During the lecture, Caterina De Mauro guided the students through the crucial moments in the history of Aroma, from its beginnings to becoming a benchmark in the panorama of coffee pod machines, illustrating the main concepts of economics applied to the Aroma case. He shared anecdotes and challenges faced along the way, emphasising the importance of maintaining a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

But it was not just an overview of the company's history. Caterina De Mauro offered an in-depth look at Aroma's internal structure, showing how strategic decisions, resource management and customer focus have contributed to its success. The students had the opportunity to explore the details of the production process and understand how the company culture embraces creativity and sustainability.

Aroma has become an object of studya tangible example of how passion, dedication and an innovative vision can shape the destiny of an organisation. The students were also inspired to consider cultural heritage in terms of dynamic businesses that contribute to the cultural and economic fabric.

The meeting at the Federico II concluded with an interactive session where students could ask questions and share their thoughts. Turning her lecture into a delightful blend of culture, history and entrepreneurship, our CEO encouraged the students to cultivate their passion, arguing that every business has the potential to become a story to be told.