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For your Christmas choose Aroma gift ideas

The first lights are finally lit, someone has already decorated the tree and the most romantic have already written their wishlist. 

If you, on the other hand, fall into the undecided category, we are here to recommend the gift ideas sign Aroma for beautiful, quality gifts to suit all budgets.
Take a look here!


Warm Xmas

For smaller budgets and especially for those who already own a coffee pod machine, here is the gift that saves you: our mug signed Aroma with the filter holder spare parts and two complimentary packs of your choice from our herbal teas. A warm cuddle for the people you love. 


Milky Xmas

For cappuccino lovers we recommend our Milk frother with the complimentary Aroma cup for frothy milk like at the bar but with the comfort of home. Nice, isn't it?


Xmas on the road

Think of your traveller friend, who doesn't like frills and doesn't need anything. What would be a suitable gift idea?
Fear not, we have the solution for that too: our coffee pod machine E.GOthe smallest in the house, easily transportable and ideal for campers, campers and adventure lovers. One of our complimentary herbal teas is also included in the set.  


Golden Xmas

Finally, for lifestyle and home decor lovers, the ideal gift is our Plus Gold, the coffee machine that stands out with the best brew there is!
The pack will also include two complimentary Aroma cups. 


An idea for every personality and every pocket, also follow us on social media to discover all the news from the Aroma world.

See you anon!