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Aroma, An Example of Excellence in Defending the Environment and the Caretta Caretta Turtle

In the corporate landscape, few companies can boast such a concrete and tangible commitment to the environmental protection as Aromaand this commitment has recently won a prestigious award. 

Domizia Caretta Fest 2023

During the first edition of the Domizia Caretta Fest 2023, among many prominent personalities in the environmental world, we were honoured to receive a special award for our ongoing commitment to the defence of the marine ecosystem, for the protection of the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta. 


The ceremony was held in the Auditorium of the Castel Volturno Aggregation Centre in the presence of the mayor, Luigi Petrella, Giovanni Sabatino, President of the RNR entity, Francesco Maisto, President of the Campi Flegrei Regional Park, and Felice Casucci, the Campania region's tourism councillor.
Also speaking were Vincenzo Ammaliato (President Domizia Association), Leda Tonziello and Nicola Campomorto (caretta caretta monitoring project referents), Marecello Giannotti (Fratino monitoring project referent), Salvatore Tronchillo (sib confcommercio national vice-president) and Ferdinando Boero (Dohrn foundation president). The event was moderated by Alessio Usai (director of the Domizia Association).


Together with Aroma, the following were awarded: Fulvio Maffucci (Anton Dohrn Zoological Station), Vittorio Fusco (RNR entity), Nello di Costanzo (Tgr Campania), Antonio Pisani (Ansa), Pasquale Raicaldo (Repubblica), Adriano Latte (Air Patria).


Our commitment to the environment

Our dedication to the environment is not limited to theories or business strategies on paper, but is translated into concrete, everyday actions. Every weekend, the Aroma team is actively engaged in cleaning the beaches of the Domitian coastlinein collaboration with the Domizia Association. This partnership not only demonstrates our social commitment, but also underlines the synergy between the private sector and non-profit organisations to address environmental challenges.


The turtle Caretta Caretta, an endangered species, has found a true ally in Aroma. Our company has adopted environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, minimising the environmental impact of our activities. From production processes to packaging, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint, thus contributing to the conservation of marine species and the marine ecosystem in general.


The award received is a recognition of all the efforts made so far and an encouragement to continue on the road to sustainability. Aroma wants to be a tangible example that shows how companies can succeed without compromising the environment.


This recognition is not only ours, but of every member of the Aroma team who has dedicated time and resources to ensure a healthier future for our planet. In a context where environmental awareness is key, Aroma is leading the way, demonstrating that businesses can play a crucial role in building a more sustainable world.


As we look to the future, we will continue to innovate and adopt more sustainable practices, working hard to preserve the environment and protect endangered species such as the turtle. With our continued commitment, we hope to inspire other companies to follow our example and do their part in protecting our precious planet.

Read here our commitment to sustainability and discover our corporate philosophy.