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What is the difference between Aroma PLUS and Aroma X?

So many of you have asked us. In this article we will try to reveal to you all differences between Aroma PLUS and Aroma X.

Delivery Group

The Aroma PLUS and Aroma X have two different groups. The first has the standard (in aluminium and brass) while the second the group smart (totally in aluminium). You can find the technical specifications of the two groups at this link:


The Aroma PLUS has adjustable lever pressureThe brass wafer press: by turning it to the right the lever will tend to soften, while to the left it will become stiffer.

This will allow you to find the perfect pressure for your favourite wafer.

You can see how to adjust the lever in this video:

The Aroma X, on the other hand, has a fixed aluminium waffle press. 

So how do you adjust the lever pressure in the Aroma X? By means of the PET shim you will find on the side of the machine when you buy it. On how to use the shim. 

In this video you can see how to adjust the lever on X models:

Filter Holder

Both models have the removable filter holder for cleaning and routine maintenance. By turning the spout to the right and lifting it up, you can remove the filter holder with attached filter and spout, and proceed to sanitising the parts. For proper routine maintenance, see our user manual at this link:
Or watch the demonstration video:


Both models have the water tank in glass

Why glass?

  • Easily verifiable water level contained.
  • Always reusable, even for different uses.
  • Environmentally sustainable, always recyclable.
  • Sanitised countless times.
  • Does not release substances in contact with food


What changes between the two models is the aesthetics:

More colour in the X, more mirrored steel in the PLUS. Choose the version that best matches your decor.


The dimensions of the two models are identical, except for the height: the PLUS is 1 cm smaller.

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