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Berries Herbal Tea

The berry herbal tea pod is a powerful antioxidant, thanks to its high concentration of polyphenols that help slow down the cellular ageing process. The herbal tea also strengthens the immune system and reduces blood cholesterol levels. Finally, berries prevent urinary infections and the resulting intimate burning.


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  • Hibiscus flower

    Hibiscus is attributed laxative, diuretic and antihypertensive properties. It also helps to combat appetite and abdominal bloating.
  • Rosehip

    Rose hip is often used to treat urinary tract and kidney disorders, but also to make up for a lack of vitamin C.
  • Apple

    The apple offers an excellent amount of ascorbic acid or vitamin C, folic acid, carotenoids and choline. It is also rich in potassium
  • Blueberry

    They exert anti-inflammatory activity both in the cardiovascular system and in the digestive system.
  • Raspberry

    They increase fat cell metabolism and exert beneficial effects in terms of sugar control
  • Cherry

    They contain valuable amounts of vitamins C and A, both anti-oxidants, anti-ageing and allies of skin beauty.
  • Blackcurrant

    Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antihistamine: these are just three of the properties that make blackcurrants an ally of health
  • Elderberry

    Its diaphoretic properties help counteract the first flu symptoms, such as colds and fever.

    Berries Herbal Tea
    • Ingredients
      Hibiscus flowers, Rosehip fruit, Apple fruit, Natural flavours of blueberry, raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant 6.3%, Elderberry fruit.
    • Origin
      From conventional cultivation.
    • Preparation
      Insert a wafer into the machine and dispense hot water as desired. The infusion can also be prepared according to the classic method: place the wafer in a cup, pour boiling water into it and let it steep for about 5 minutes.
    • Packaging
      Box of 18 wafers, 3.3 g.


    Average values per 100g
    Average values per serving 3.3 g (per 200 ml)
    578 kJ/ 131 kcal
    19 kJ / 4 kcal
    0,0 g
    0,0 g
    of which saturated acids
    0,0 g
    0,0 g
    39,4 g
    1,3 g
    of which sugars
    34,2 g
    34,2 g
    0,0 g
    0,0 g
    0,0 g
    0,0 g
    0,0 g
    0,0 g