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Decalcifying Cleaner

Professional, environmentally friendly descaling agent for coffee machines.
100% natural product based on citric acid and malic acid, certified for food.
It thoroughly cleans and descales your machine, ensuring perfect operation and a long service life.
Individually packaged.


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Aroma Cleaner

Take care of your Aroma machine with our professional and environmentally friendly descaling agent.

Why use Aroma Cleaner

  • Aroma Cleaner is based on melic acid and citric acid, a natural, non-aggressive, environmentally friendly acid.
  • It does not corrode surfaces. The risk is not only in terms of food safety, but also in terms of coffee yield. By damaging the group's surfaces, the coffee loses its creaminess.
  • It is the only one certified for food use, unlike many other descaling agents that are intended for hydraulic or industrial use.
  • Really easy and quick to use.
A few simple steps for deep cleaning
Watch the demonstration video for proper cleaning of your Aroma machine.

How to avoid limescale build-up

A few simple steps for deep cleaning

Use packaged water

We recommend using packaged water, or water with a low limescale content. This will greatly extend the life of your machine and allow you to enjoy better coffee.

Descale regularly

Do not wait too long to descale your machine, even if you have just bought it. Four months is more than enough time to start accumulating limescale. So we recommend that you descale it regularly at least every three months.

Choose the right products

At Aroma, we specifically chose the Aroma Descaling Cleaner because in addition to being a manufacturer of coffee machines, we also guarantee their service. After various tests with specialised laboratories, we have developed the perfect formula for coffee machines of all types and brands.

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