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October 21, 2021

Aroma Fiera Host Milan 2021

On the occasion of the Host Milano 2021 Fair, we want to spend a few minutes to celebrate the road traveled, the successes achieved and the projects we are proud of. 

Aroma is a Campania company that was born in 2015 from Giuseppe de Mauro's passion for coffee and the desire of a family to turn a dream into an opportunity.

In recent years, the watchword has not only been Innovation, but also Care: attention to detail, and above all customer and after-sales care, which distinguishes us, and which makes us one of the most popular producers on the Italian market.  

Host 2021 

At Host 2021 we present ourselves with a more structured corporate configuration, the after-sales activity was perfected with the opening of another 130 authorized technical assistance centers, the sales network that covers the whole country strengthened and new staff dedicated to Customer Care hired. .

Since September we have been replicating this type of operations also in Europe and outside Europe, especially in the countries where it is most present. The foreign market is in fact always important for Aroma, in particular the Russian one for which the company has identified an important distributor. the short-term goal is to conquer the American market.

Important steps have been taken in the Italian market, starting with the stimulating collaboration with Lollo Caffè, started in 2018, which gave life to the iconic Lollina; 2021 saw the start of a new partnership with Kimbo, with which a supply and co-branding agreement was signed. At Christmas, the first novelties of this important collaboration will be launched on the market.

There are many projects in the pipeline, including the new large headquarters in the industrial area of ​​San Marcellino (CE), ready by the end of the year. 

Naturally, there is no shortage of projects for new machines, of which a first glimpse is the Lollina presented at HOST in an even more captivating new guise. 


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