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May 17, 2021

Descale coffee machine. The 3 mistakes to avoid.

Descaling the coffee machine is afundamental habit, but often neglected until the machine starts to get loud ea don't extract good coffee anymore.

Limescale in the coffee machine - Why do we have to clean the coffee machine at home

Descaling the coffee machine is important both to keep our machine in good health and to make sure it is properly clean.

The first mistake it is in fact that of wait too long  before descaling the stain for the first time.

In fact, the descaling of the coffee machine ensures us, not only to keep ours clean and limescale-free machine, but it considerably extends its life, allowing us to make good coffee every day, even for years, without having to resort to useless (and perhaps expensive) repair and maintenance interventions.

The formation of limescale is a normal consequence of using the appliance. The water we are going to use naturally contains minerals, which in contact with the boiler, due to the heat transmitted, are deposited on the walls.

Limestone is the greatest enemy of the coffee machine, because it is an insulating material. When it is deposited in the boiler, it thermally insulates the water from the resistance that should give it heat. This means that the water does not reach the optimal extraction temperature and the coffee is extracted does not have the desired aroma and cream.  

Furthermore, the limestone acts by forming a surface on which it is easier for pathogens to settle. One study done by NFS International, mentions the coffee machines to which constant cleaning is not performed such as fifth place by the presence of germs in the house, with half of the tanks and boilers tested containing yeast or mold. These organisms can cause allergic reactions or infections, so it is essential to properly and constantly clean your coffee machine.

It may seem like a chore, but don't worry why with the right products it becomes a practice quick and easy. 

How to descale the coffee machine

So we have ascertained that the machine needs to be cleaned to be able to enjoy a good coffee every day without sudden failures, but how to descale the coffee machine?

To remove limescale you need to use an acidic agent which allows the limestone to melt and be dispersed.

There are several methods and often online grandma's remedies are recommended that are ineffective, or even counterproductive because they ruin your car. The time has come to clarify. 

The second mistake is the choice of wrong method and / or product to clean limescale from our car.

Two types of procedures are recommended on how to descale the coffee machine: those based on natural products and those based on chemicals, some are real legends, and others must be used with great caution because they can damage the appliance, or introduce toxic agents, but there is also a third solution that nobody talks about, read on to find out what it is.

What to use to descale the coffee machine?

Descale the coffee machine with lemon juice

That of lemon juice is a real legend, and in addition to not contributing in any way to the descaling of your machine, for which much stronger acid agents are needed, it introduces organic elements in the tank, in the pipes, and in the boiler of the your machine, which with humidity and high temperatures can contribute to the formation of bacteria and molds. Absolutely avoid it.

Descale coffee machine: bicarbonate

Baking soda is often used to clean the house, due to its anti-odor and anti-mold properties, but it is a alkaline agent. Limestone is composed of calcium carbonate and dissolves in an acidic environment. For this reason it is not possible to descale the coffee machine with baking soda. 

Descale the coffee machine with vinegar

Vinegar is the acid agent we all have at home and the classic grandmother's remedy for cleaning stoves and surfaces.
Vinegar is often recommended as a DIY machine descaler, because thanks to its properties it is able to dissolve limescale.

But descale the coffee machine with vinegar Is it really a good idea? Not exactly.

Although the vinegar dissolves the limescale, it also damages the rubber parts of our machine, in particular the gaskets, so it makes little sense to use it periodically for the maintenance and cleaning of our machine, as it will ruin some fundamental components, shortening them life and causing losses and failures.

Descale coffee machine with chemicals

Most machine dealers recommend descaling through the use of specific chemicals.

These work very well, but they exhibit a big problem, which is the reason why so many go in search of natural products: they insert into the machine toxic and potentially harmful substances, with which you have to be very careful, especially considering that then with the device we will go to prepare our beloved drink that we enjoy every day.

Descale coffee machine with specific natural products

The solution nobody talks about is i natural products, specifically studied for descaling and cleaning the coffee machine, but what is it? And why doesn't anyone talk about it?

This is probably the best coffee machine descaler on the market, as it is based on natural acids - melic acid and citric acid to be precise - and besides being the only descaler certified for contact with food, and also biodegradable and respects the environment.

When Descale the coffee machine

The third mistake which unfortunately shortens the life of many coffee machines, is that of not be constant in frequency machine descaling.

The frequency of descaling is one of the fundamental elements for the longevity of the machine and the quality of the coffee dispensed. It should be related to the workload of the coffee machine, and to the hardness of the water.

In any case we always recommend using packaged water, or with a low limescale content, and regardless of how it is used, we recommend that you descale at least every 3-4 months.

So what to do in practice? 

In any case we always recommend using packaged water, or with a low limescale content, and regardless of how it is used, we recommend that you descale at least every 3-4 months.

So what to do in practice? 

  1. First, as I just told you, uses packaged water, or low in limestone. If you want to know if yours is in your area either hard or soft water you can see it here. This will greatly extend the life of your machine and allow you to enjoy better coffee.
  2. Don't wait too long to descale your machine, even if you just bought it. Four months is more than enough to start accumulating limescale.
  3. Descale regularly to avoid problems: every 3-4 months regardless of use.
  4. Choose the right products. At Aroma we have specifically chosen the CLEANER Aroma because we are not only manufacturers of coffee machines we guarantee their assistance.
    After testing all the products on the market, we are convinced that the Aroma Cleaner is the best solution, both for product quality and for effectiveness cleaning e consumer safety. It is also really easy and quick to use and it is biodegradable: therefore it allows us to do good for the environment.
  5. Have you already bought an Aroma machine? follow the instructions in the user manual and ours illustrative videos and take care of your machine using only our Cleaner, so that you can be entitled to free Aroma assistance.
Find out more about our natural descaler here.