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Cremotta, a waffle maker, born from the collaboration between Motta and Aroma

Motta, the historic coffee roasting company from Salerno, has recently launched its latest creation, the waffle machine Cremotta in collaboration with the Aroma brand, a young company specialising in the development of customisable espresso pod machines.

A winning collaboration between the two Campania companies, which for the first time are working closely together to create a customised product. The aim is to encapsulate the soul of Motta and its passion, which has distinguished it for years.

Café Motta tells an all-Italian story, which since the 1960s has been able to combine a love for coffee with innovation, in an industrial reality that strives every day to offer a product with an intense and genuine taste.

The same passion for coffee can be found in the company Aromaa young and dynamic company specialising in the design and production of espresso coffee pod machines made in Italy, which in just a few years has managed to become a reference point in Italy and abroad thanks to its continuous search for new and innovative technical solutions.

The Cremotta waffle maker

Cremotta is an all-Italian waffle maker, produced in the heart of Campania, with completely eco-friendly materials: steel, brass, aluminium, glass. Components that are not only recyclable but also extremely resistant, allowing long-lasting use thanks to minimal wear and tear compared to plastic.

Reliability and robustness are therefore the main features of Cremotta, combined with its practicality. In fact, the palm closure allows extremely fast use for a coffee break on any occasion. 

The Cremotta waffle maker is designed in three magnificent colours: black, white and orange. The first two colours fit elegantly into any environment, orange, on the other hand, was chosen as a tribute to the Motta brand, used as a distinctive colour. A sparkling and lively shade just like the model itself, the design is indeed quirky and modern, with clean lines and small dimensions, with only 12.5 cm it will be possible to place it even in rooms with little space. 

A special dedication to Salernitani fans

Motta has always had its customers at heart, and included in the package will be 30 complimentary waffles. In addition, for all fans of the Salernitana team, a pod machine has been created in the granata colour with the coat of arms of the Campania team. A small good luck charm that is sure to make quite a few coffee fans happy, and not only.


In short, a new and modern collaboration to meet the needs of an increasingly expanding market.  

Aroma and Foundation create Caffè Carditello

Aroma's waffle machines become the official sponsor of the Foundation of the Royal Palace of Carditello, creating tasty waffles Carditello Coffee in their honour.

In the agricultural expanses of the province of Caserta, a few kilometres from the Royal Palace of Caserta, stands the Reggia di Carditello, the hunting estate of King Ferdinand of Bourbon.

Aroma, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of coffee machines, becomes a sponsor of the Foundation, which manages and supervises the renovation and events taking place at the Reggia di Carditello (to find out more about the site and events, click here).

The Carditello Coffee Project

The Caffè Carditello project was born in 2020, not just a café but a project of redemption and revenge. The Reggia, in fact, rescued from abandonment and degradation, has in recent years rediscovered its ancient architectural splendour, and renewed the activities within it: from the breeding of the Persano horse, a native of the Site, to the most varied social activities, from open-air concerts to hot-air balloon flights.

The proceeds from the sale of Carditello Coffee will help finance the renovations and countless activities at the Site.

The palace of Carditello - commissioned by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon and built around 1787 by Francesco Collecini, a collaborator of Luigi Vanvitelli - began as the Royal Farm with the breeding of Persano horses and the first royal manufacture of buffalo mozzarella.

Today, having withstood the wounds of crime and been recovered by the State, Carditello is an example of redemption and rebirth, open to families, children and refugees also thanks to a Sprar agreement.

A collaboration to remember: Lollina

Among our collaborations with the big coffee brands, we cannot fail to mention the one with Lollo Caffè, for whom we produced a very uniquely shaped coffee pod machine in 2019!


Lollina, the project


Architect Bruno Cimmino designed the machine tailored to Lollo Caffè's technical requirements without ever forgetting the design, which is eye-catching and unique. In fact, the shape of the machine is reminiscent of the letter L, with a slight forward tilt that pays homage to the Lollo brand's initial and gives the product's silhouette greater impetus.

The design has a retro and 1950s flavour, the quality is always guaranteed by Aroma. 

Moreover, thanks to the wonderful idea of Valentina Bottone, general manager of Lollo Caffè, we also created the Candy line for this model, a limited edition in three pastel colours sponsored by the well-known influencer Giulia De Lellis.


Like all Aroma products, the Lollina is a solid machine, small in size (26 cm high, 17 cm wide and 27 cm deep) and energy-saving, in fact it has a power consumption of only 400 watts.
In addition, it is very easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring that coffee is always brewed to the highest standard. 


Lollo Caffè, a special partner


Lollo Caffè is one of the best known coffee brands in Italy. The roasting company, originally from Campania, was founded in 1990 thanks to the intuition of Ciro Lollo, one of the pioneers of single-serving coffee in pods and capsules.


The understanding with this company was immediate. In addition to our common origins, we share many values with Lollo, such as environmental sustainability; in fact, it is equipped with renewable energy sources that cover almost 80% of the company's entire requirements. What's more, thanks to investments in research and development in recent years and innovative packaging equipment, each capsule preserves the aroma of the original blend created by Ciro Lollo.

For us, the collaboration with Lollo Caffè represents another big step in the history of Aroma and a confirmation that commitment and research work always pays off.
We would like to thank Ciro Lollo and Valentina Bottone for the trust they have placed in us for several years now.